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  • Ten Years Ago Today

    Ten years ago today was the first Uno Lady show.

    It was Coffinberry, Sun God, and Uno Lady at Pat’s in the Flats for the annual Thanksgiving Day bash. I was lucky enough to play with my two favorite Cleveland bands at the time. My partner before he was my partner, Tony Cross, asked me to play.

    These photos are by the talented Lou Muenz.

    Look at these Coffinbabies!


    I arrived at 10 pm because I didn’t know any better. Projected behind me was a drug educational film from the 50’s.  I plugged into a bass amp that was mic’ed and we ran that into the PA. Prior to my podium days, I brought a card table and sang directly through my computer. Praise evolution!

    Ten years ago today I set aside stage fright and shared my songs for the first time.  Thanks for listening.

    Here is “Orange Floats,” and “I only got 2 Days,” songs I would have performed that night. You can download them for free.