Heather is a wonderful woman. It was her hands that made the crafty, colorful magic of each vinyl at Gotta Groove Records. After watching this video, I got to admit, she is kinda my hero.

Normal- A Story of Passion

“What drives people to do? What motivates a person to wake up and do something? Passion. It is a driving force in many people. It’s what drives me and many others to continue on. Heather Gmucs, a woman of strong passion, works at Gotta Groove Records, a vinyl record press plant in Cleveland, Ohio. Throughout her time on this planet, she has made music her priority and eventually, her life. Heather has surrounded every aspect of her life with music. Her friends, her career, and her hobbies all reflect the passion she radiates. She loves pressing records at Gotta Groove. As she has said to me before, “I get to do art on other people’s art, and that’s fucking cool to be a part of.” Balance is a struggle many of us face. How much time do you give to what you love versus what actually pays your rent. Heather has found a balance between Gotta Groove and the several bands she plays in. She can still take small tours, and still have food in the fridge. If there is anything I want the viewer to take from her story, it is to do what you love and what makes you happy.”
By Tyler Hill  –Vimeo