Listen to the New Track, “Longing” By Floco Torres Featuring Uno Lady

My friend Floco Torres released his new single “Longing.” The song is produced by Floco Torres, & contains portions of Uno Lady’s ‘Lonliness Persists.’

I’m honored to work with Floco on this one. I love this song and its message. You can buy on Bandcamp and stream here.

Its Bandcamp Friday, all purchase profits go directly to the artists and it is the best time to support bands.

I have many albums, videos, and singles on Bandcamp. Listen to the Impromptu Porch Performances Floco sampled. Download the meditation album Grounded, and mindfulness singles Rocky River Flows into Erie and Erie Serenade.

In other news, Alaska is amazing. I am surrounded by mountains, living in a yurt on Lake Clark at Chulitna Lodge. I am polishing an unreleased album and short film called “Le Flux.” It features songs and videos created at the residency in France. I’ll be looking for creative ways to share and will keep you posted. I’m also brainstorming a new project that focuses on the forests.

I am on pause from paid work for a few months so I can experience this adventure. Buying music on Bandcamp is a great way to show support.

Sending love,


Uno Lady is going to Alaska for an Artist Fellowship

I’m going to Alaska! I have been awarded a fellowship at Chulitna Lodge, a historic Alaskan landmark in the center of Lake Clark National Parks and Preserve,  one of the largest parks in the U.S. Chulitna Lodge is 180 miles southwest of Anchorage and is an off-grid living community. The property primarily runs on solar power. 

My fellowship begins in May and is completely self-directed. I applied with a new idea that focuses on old-growth forests. I will spend my time developing a project that tells the tales of trees. I’ll also take videos and compose music inspired by my stay. 

The fellowship covers my lodging and food expenses. I have to pay for a portion of my travel, cover my home expenses, and variation in income. I’ll come up with creative ways to help fund this incredible opportunity and keep you posted. You can always buy music through Bandcamp or pledge on Patreon.

Thanks so much to the Chulitna Lodge Research Institute for providing the time, space, and facilities for creatives to make and meditate. Some text and photo are from Chulitna Lodge’s website. 

Pre-Order the New Album, GROUNDED, on Bandcamp Friday

Grounded is an experimental film series made of mindfulness mantras, soothing songs, and guided meditations for busy minds. December 4, 2020 is Bandcamp Friday, where they waives the fees and all purchases go to the artists.

The soundtrack to GROUNDED releases January 12, 2021, and you can preorder today More information about the film will be released soon. Subscribe here to get updates.

GROUNDED is supported by the SPACES Urgent Art Fund and by the residents of Cuyahoga County through a public grant from Cuyahoga Arts & Culture. Thank you. I am grateful.

Pre-order of Uno Lady’s Osmosis LP

Friends, I am beyond excited to share with you the latest Uno Lady release on Volar Records.

OSMOSIS assimilates ideas, sounds, and styles, from 60’s pop, folk, jazz, and soul. OSMOSIS is a soaring collection of 13 songs, a journey through a sonic dream world, and Uno Lady is your guide. Pre-order OSMOSIS through Bandcamp. Limited edition clear green vinyl.

OSMOSIS was written and recorded by Christa Ebert. Mixed by Christa Ebert and Mike Montgomery at Candyland Studios. “Don’t Break My Heart” was recorded/engineered by Jeanna Lax at Rogue Studios and features Roseanna Safros – drums,  Theresa May – trumpet,  and Beth Hiser – standup bass. 

Cover photograph by Diana Hlywiak and cover font by John Greiner. Album artwork concept and layout by Christa Ebert.


BIO:  Self-trained musician and activist, Christa Ebert, performs as Uno Lady and composes songs with her voice, electronic effect pedals, and unconventional instruments. Her music includes dream-like layers, looping ethereal tones, instruments and beats, all knit together into one lush soundscape. Her unique talent has been acknowledged with various awards, including Chateau Orquvaux artist-in-residency, Creative Workforce Fellow, Akron Soul Train fellow, and a Panza Foundation awardee.


MAY 4: Uno Lady sings at The Dreamer’s Bal

MAY 4! The Dreamer’s Bal​ — a surreal creation of a living daydream — which will take place on Saturday, from 8:00pm until 1:00am at IngenuityLabs, Ingenuity Cleveland​’s headquarters in the Hamilton Collaborative at 5401 Hamilton Avenue, Cleveland.

Attendees of this year’s Bal will step into an ethereal landscape of our subconscious hopes and aspirations that sit latent or ignored, brought to fruition by larger-than-life art installations, immersive music and dance performances, and experiences that rival our wildest dream
Get your tickets through Eventbrite or Facebook.