This Friday, September 3, I’ll be singing at the Grog Shop with Herzog & Pharmacy Keys. This is my last show on the books for now, so if you feel comfortable coming, I’d love to see you. The new vaccination policy is in place so bring a photo of your vaccine card or proof of a negative COVID test within 48 hours of the show.

BANDCAMP: A year ago, I set up my recording equipment on the porch and recorded an improv performance. To celebrate the anniversary, I have released Impromptu Loops Porch Performance. You can listen and watch the videos here.

Impromptu Loops: Porch Performance, was recorded live from my front yard in Cleveland, Ohio.

These impromptu loops were the aftereffects of the interview and performance with LaToya Kent during the pandemic. Feeling creatively charged after our collaboration, with equipment ready to go, I hit record and started singing. These tracks are the result. The mosquitos were vicious so pardon my impulsive bug reactions.

In the following weeks, I’ll be releasing the songs LaToya and I made. Watch the interview: A conversation and creation with Latoya Kent & Christa Ebert at

Presented in partnership with Mahall’s. September 10, 2020.

Recorded, edited, and filmed by Christa Ebert, Uno Lady.

Watch Uno Lady’s New Video, “Don’t Break My Heart”

Watch the video premiere for “Don’t Break My Heart.” Filmed at the Little Rose Tavern by Diana Hlywiak, “Don’t Break My Heart” features Christa Ebert (Uno Lady) with Cleveland musicians Beth Hiser (Bass), Theresa May (Trumpet), and Roseanna Safos (Drums).

Here’s a playlist inspired by the song. Buy the album, OSMOSIS, through Volar Records or Uno Lady directly.

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Uno Lady Live at the Massillon Museum – Saturday, June 12 – Reserve Your Free Tickets Today!

I’m honored to be a part of the opening reception for “A Thrilling Act: The Art of Anthony Eterovich (1916-2011)”.

JUNE 12, from 5-7pm at the Massillon Museum
121 Lincoln Way East. Massillon, Ohio

Free to attend. Space is limited.
To register visit

I’ll be singing live and sharing some pre-recorded compositions created for the event. This will be my first live audience show since December 2019. I am elated to share songs with you again.

Watch the new video for “Lassoed My Heart” live from the Akron Art Museum

2021 Midwinter Blues performance at the Akron Art Museum.

“Lassoed my Heart” is a new song composed by Christa Ebert (2020) with vocals through Earthquaker Devices Afterneath pedal and a Boss RC30 Loop pedal.

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How deep is your love?
Mine is as wide as the wild midwest
Fits like hand in glove
Bind and tied
I must confess

You lassoed my heart

Be with me

Waiver at labeling
Unsure about settling
Push and pull of love
Run to and from
You lassoed my heart

Hear my plea

When we rendezvous
I get the sense of deja vous
Familiar guiding light
Riding close to you
There’s nothing more I’d rather do
but your squeeze
is tight

You lassoed my heart

Set me free