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  • Check out Uno Lady’s EarthQuaker Session: “Underground”

    I visited EarthQuaker Devices in Akron, Ohio to record this new song I wrote, “Underground.”

    Video by Chris Tran, Brad Throla and Jess France. Audio recorded by Jeff France at EarthQuaker Audio Recording Laboratory.

    EarthQuaker Devices built me a pedal board and now my sound library feels limitless. I’m sonically inspired – like a  jolt to my creative process. I’m playing around with Avalanche Run, Disaster Transport Sr., Levitation, Arpaniod, Bows, Afterneath, Transmisser, The Depths, Night Wire, and the Organizer. Check out each device here. EarthQuaker Devices pedals are handmade by fellow musicians and music lovers in Akron, Ohio and have a lifetime warranty.

    Check out “EarthQuaker Session: Uno Lady – “Underground”

    AKRON, OH – “Cleveland’s Christa Ebert is a one-woman choir. As Uno Lady, she’s dazzled, confounded, and delighted audiences since 2007 with loop-based compositions for voice, found sounds, and effects pedals. Her avant-garde pop tunes combine doo-wop harmonies and ethereal soundscapes with layered and processed vocals, which range from a smoky tenor to operatic outbursts of melody.

    In this performance of “Underground” she uses the Bows’ treble mode with the Afterneath and Disaster Transport SR to craft an ambient, slightly overdriven wordless backing vocal that sits tight in the mix before adding the melody. From her DIY suitcase podium, she builds layer upon intertwining layer of call-and-response vocal patterns that lift off into a dreamlike fugue state before engaging the Avalanche Run at the song’s end, using the reverse function to bring it all tumbling down, down to the “underground” of the song’s namesake.” Arron Rogers, EQD


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  • MUSIC MONDAY: Listen to Uno Lady’s newest song up on Soundcloud

    “Washed Away” was recorded by Christa (Uno Lady) Ebert January 2017. Song written by Christa Ebert, Anna Jo, and Marcus Trana during Dark Songs at the Holiday Music Motel, Sturgeon Bay, WI, October 2016.

    The song is about the sea level rising and the islands and coastal habitats that are lost due to climate change.

    The Holiday Music Motel is a magical place that  invites songwriters from around the world. Musicians travel to Sturgeon Bay to take part in the three songwriting festivals at the Holiday Music Motel (February’s ‘Love On Holiday,’  is happening this week! June’s ‘Steel Bridge Songfest’ and October’s  ‘Dark Songs’).  You can listen to the songs recorded at the Motel, year round at www.steelbridgeradio.com/listen

    For the last three years I have participated in Dark Songs and a favorite from the last trip is “Washed Away.” It was co-written by myself, Anna Jonson who is a Wildland Firefighter and simultaneously the nicest and very badass, and Norway native Marcus Trana, recording engineer, entrepreneur and all around swell guy.


    Recording with Anna Jo and Marcus yesterday

    A photo posted by Uno Lady (@theunolady) on


    The version of “Washed Away” that we recorded together will be out in October.  I’ll be sure to share it 🙂

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  • Live at Survival Kit


    Love these dudes! I’m lucky enough to share a stage with some of my favorite musicians.

    Tony Cross, drums
    Nick Cross, guitar
    Matt Charboneau, Bass.

    Check out the rest of the videos and don’t for get to subscribe.
    Video recorded by Lauren Voss, www.vimeo.com/laurenvoss. Audio recorded by Brian Straw at Survival Kit, www.survivalkitgallery.org

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  • Heather Gmucs is my pal

    Heather is a wonderful woman. It was her hands that made the crafty, colorful magic of each vinyl at Gotta Groove Records. After watching this video, I got to admit, she is kinda my hero.

    Normal- A Story of Passion

    “What drives people to do? What motivates a person to wake up and do something? Passion. It is a driving force in many people. It’s what drives me and many others to continue on. Heather Gmucs, a woman of strong passion, works at Gotta Groove Records, a vinyl record press plant in Cleveland, Ohio. Throughout her time on this planet, she has made music her priority and eventually, her life. Heather has surrounded every aspect of her life with music. Her friends, her career, and her hobbies all reflect the passion she radiates. She loves pressing records at Gotta Groove. As she has said to me before, “I get to do art on other people’s art, and that’s fucking cool to be a part of.” Balance is a struggle many of us face. How much time do you give to what you love versus what actually pays your rent. Heather has found a balance between Gotta Groove and the several bands she plays in. She can still take small tours, and still have food in the fridge. If there is anything I want the viewer to take from her story, it is to do what you love and what makes you happy.”
    By Tyler Hill  –Vimeo

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  • Got a saw

    Bought a saw off musicalsaw. com

    Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 11.24.12 AM

    The website is pretty great.  How can you resist that saw logo?!

    Or this guy…

    Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 11.24.21 AM

    Not only can you buy everything you need to play the saw,  but also “Front porch favorites!”

    Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 11.17.19 AM

    Will report back!