Watch Massillon Museum’s virtual tour of “A Thrilling Act: The Art of Anthony Eterovich” and Hear Music by Uno Lady

I had the honor of composing music for Massillon Museum‘s virtual tour of “A Thrilling Act: The Art of Anthony Eterovich.” Thanks Karen Eterovich, John, and Alex Coon at Massillon Museum for inviting me support such a lovely project. It turned out amazing! Watch it here.

A Thrilling Act: The Art of Anthony Eterovich was on display at the Massillon Museum from June 12—September 26, 2021. I was honored to perform at the opening.

I loved writing songs specifically for the virtual exhibit. Inspiration for the songs were derived directly from experiencing Anthony Eterovich’s art. I love the vast variety of styles and the playful and vivid colors he uses. The paintings and sketches provided endless inspiration. It was wonderful to learn more about his life as an artists.

Thanks again.

In other news, I leave soon for the off-grid artist fellowship in Alaska. I’m developing a project that focuses on the forests. I will be in the wilderness, without phone and limited email. I am taking a break from outside work and reconnecting with nature. if you’d like to work together on a composition in the future, I’ll be available to write again mid-July. Take care!

Single Rider 7″ Release Show is April 22 @ Little Rose Tavern

The new 7″, Single Rider, is a very limited and unique release.

The record will be available at the show at The Little Rose Tavern, on April 22. Any records that are left will be for sale on my website. I will keep you posted here when they are available or any flash sales (subscribe). Thanks for your patience.

So many wonderful people are a part of this. This record is the Wax Mage exclusive, hand poured and hand laid by Heath himself.

Lia Massari drew the amazing album artwork. Thanks so much for sharing your talents.

“Underground” and “52 Hertz” were songs were recorded by Jeff France and EarthQuaker Devices
Mastered by Adam Boose at
and carefully cut at
Hand-numbered and carefully packaged by Wax Mage Records

These songs were recorded live in Akron, Ohio during an Earthquaker Devices session in 2017. Chris Tran, Jeff France, and Brad Thorla captured the sights and sounds. This is my favorite live recording and the first to be pressed. The rich quality needed to be on a physical release.

My good friend Heath at Wax Mage reached out about releasing a record together and I had been daydreaming about this for a while. I am honored to have my music on one-of-a-kind vinyl.

The limited-run pressing is
50 Random colors – $15
25 Clear with blue pigment swirl- $20
25 Nebula random color – $20
15 Wax Mage Customs random color – $25
Add $5 for domestic shipping.
And will be sold at the release show and here (when I have time to post and ship)

It’s called Single Rider because singularity is a common theme. Both songs are about isolated characters. As a solo musician, I compose alone. I also happened to have a season pass to Cedar Point during these brainstorming sessions and became fixated on observing people riding rollercoasters alone. Single Rider/ Ride On. Was that a slogan or an inside joke? I am not sure. But it’s an album title now.

I want to thank my good friends Crystin and Holly for being there for me as I bought the Cedar Point photo pass and refused to sit next to them in the name of art.

Lastly I want to thank the Holiday Music Motel. I wrote the song 52 Hertz with some friends at the Holiday Music Motel. Dark Songs is a week-long songwriting festival in Sturgeon Bay, WI. Thanks to my co-writers Dan Smerz and Tarl Night, and the lovely mj and pAt mAcdonald who host the Holiday Music festivities. I love and miss you all!

Thanks for listening and for your support.

Your pal,

Christa, the Uno Lady

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Uno Lady Shows in April

I have 3 upcoming shows. Let me serenade you. These are my final performances booked before I go to Alaska for the fellowship and move. Let’s celebrate together.

April 15, 8pm, $10, Cro Bar is a newly opened old dive that is really rad at 3244 St. Clair. Cleveland, Ohio. The show was organized by the amazing people with Emerald City. Twen (must see! seriously!) and Orefice Roth are also playing.

April 16, 7pm, $10- Dawn of the CAVE 15 Broad St. Akron, Ohio. This is the first show in this new DIY space. I’m honored to be a part of it. Sponsored by EarthQuaker Devices, UNO LADY, MOTH COCK, JEREMY BIBLE, STEMS, & DJ: HR3. Masks strongly encouraged. Extra KN95s and hand sanitizer provided. Street parking is available on the same side of the street as the venue. All ages. BYOB 21+; CAVE is a safe(r) space. 

April 22, 8pm is my 7″ record release celebration at the Little Rose Tavern with LaToya Kent and RA Washington‘s new musical creation ME::YOU, plus the talented Smith Taylor. I’m excited to share the stage with some of my favorite musicians and people. Tickets at the door are sliding scale $8-10, first come first serve. It will sell out so get there on time. Come to the shows on 4/15 & 4/16 too 🙂

Uno Lady is going to Alaska for an Artist Fellowship

I’m going to Alaska! I have been awarded a fellowship at Chulitna Lodge, a historic Alaskan landmark in the center of Lake Clark National Parks and Preserve,  one of the largest parks in the U.S. Chulitna Lodge is 180 miles southwest of Anchorage and is an off-grid living community. The property primarily runs on solar power. 

My fellowship begins in May and is completely self-directed. I applied with a new idea that focuses on old-growth forests. I will spend my time developing a project that tells the tales of trees. I’ll also take videos and compose music inspired by my stay. 

The fellowship covers my lodging and food expenses. I have to pay for a portion of my travel, cover my home expenses, and variation in income. I’ll come up with creative ways to help fund this incredible opportunity and keep you posted. You can always buy music through Bandcamp or pledge on Patreon.

Thanks so much to the Chulitna Lodge Research Institute for providing the time, space, and facilities for creatives to make and meditate. Some text and photo are from Chulitna Lodge’s website. 

Listen to the new single “Rocky River Flows Into Erie”

Rocky River Flows into Erie is a meditation piece that samples sounds from the Lake Erie region. For this project, I recorded environmental acoustics at five different locations. Wave sounds were sampled from Magee Marsh and Edgewater Beach. Bird, bug, and frog songs were recorded from Old Woman Creek, Rocky River Reservation, and Columbia Station Reservation. 

The vocals were composed and recorded at the Foundation House residency in Greenwich, CT.

You can buy this on Bandcamp and hear on all streaming sites.

Thanks for listening,



Listen to the New Uno Lady Single, “Nature is My Lover”

Nature is My Lover is my love song for the planet. It celebrates inter-connectivity and shares ways nature is nurturing. All the vocals are my own and I sampled nature sounds to make the percussion.

This song was written and recorded at the Foundation House residency in Greenwich, CT. Thanks for the time and space to create.  BANDCAMP Friday is 2/4/22 if you are interested in buying the track.

Read the Cleveland Scene article about the release, “Cleveland’s Uno Lady Releases New Song in Anticipation of Upcoming Grog Shop Show with Cate Le Bon and Mega Bog.


Nature is my lover
we look after each other

Feel the breeze blow on my skin
gentle sweet kisses from the wind
hear the bird song melodies of the air
chorus of the forest show they care

Nature is my lover
we look after each other

Feasts of plenty tasty terrain
they flirt through the dirt with gifts of sweet sugarcane
sunbeams gleam their love for me
moonlight makes my heart shine bright

Nature is my lover
we look after each other

How awesome the blossoms’ bloom
presents of fine perfume

Nature is My Lover was written and recorded in this gorgeous retrofitted stable at the Foundation House artist residency.


The background melody came first. There are Lake Erie sounds, Connecticut swamp sparrows, and babbling springs from France.

This song was almost lyricless. I sat in the spacious yard, cross-legged in the grass, and reflected on what lyrics would serve the sound. In this pause, I connected my breath with the breeze, felt the wind on my skin, and the sun’s warmth on my face. I was aware of the ways nature brings me joy. I noticed the gifts I receive every day. What a generous and caring experience. Nature is my lover.

Thanks for listening.
Warm regards,

I’m sharing a video of a live performance of Nature is My Lover on Patreon.

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Listen to “My Ride,” the New Single from Uno Lady

I’m excited to share the new song, “My Ride.” It was written and recorded at the Foundation House artist residency in Greenwich, CT, October 2021.

You can stream, save, and share the song on all sites. Bandcamp is a great way to support artists too.

I’ve created a Patreon page for Uno Lady. If you’d like to support me there, please click the button below. I’ll share behind the scene clips and new releases before they are public on Patreon.

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Thank you for reading and listening. Happy New Year, friends.

Warm regards,

Christa, the Uno Lady

Here’s a playlist

Artist in Residency Recap with the Ellis-Beauregard Foundation

Forever grateful for the opportunity to be an artist in residence with Ellis-Beauregard Foundation. I spent the past month creating in an old school retrofitted into artists spaces. The residency was life changing and allowed my the space and time to focus.

I had a productive month in Maine recording and editing 2 new albums. One album is 10 experimental, lyricless, a cappella pieces composed at a past residency in France at Chateau Orquevaux. There are vivid videos to accompany each song. The other album is a collection of songs written since 2020. I’m really proud of how they turned out. I’m open to creative ways to release music and videos since live performances are challenging again. Share your ideas with me please.

Below are some photos from my trip.

Lastly, I want to share after much encouragement I have created a Patreon page

I am a self-employed musician. Performances are tough in the time of COVID so support from my fans and grants keep me going. If you’d like to subscribe to my Patreon I promise to keep you entertained and show you behind the scenes and new content before anyone else get to see it. Thanks for your support, friends. xo C

Illicit Hymns Pt 4: Bern Minster Cathedral in Bern, Switzerland

After residency in France, I traveled to Switzerland to play  a show at Café Kairo and visit my friend Beat-Man. I had an awesome time playing at Beat-Man’s record shop, Voodoo Rhythm Hardware Store which is located in the Old City of Bern, Switzerland.

Down the road from the Hardware Store, I was delighted to discover the Zytglogge, a 15th-century astronomical clock that displays the moon phases and ring of the zodiac. I spent my birthday in Bern so it seemed magical to be in the same space. 

Also in the Old City is Bern Minster Cathedral, (German: Berner Münster), a Swiss Reformed cathedral built in the Gothic style. Construction started in 1421. Its tower was was completed in 1893, stands at 330 feet,  and is the largest standing structure in the City. The space and sound was breathtaking. 

On these recordings I saw myself cycle through fear and hesitation. There are a few times before I start singing where I audibly tell myself I cannot do it. 

The cathedral in Bern, Switzerland. I almost didn’t go through with singing. There were a few dozen people within the space and the acoustics were cavernous.  I struggled with my camera and moved 3 times before I had the guts to sing.  Five notes into singing, a hush came over the crowd. A few minutes in, a group of kids sat in the pews to listen. I thought my camera was recording but it was not. The video for this song are the few photos I have. My favorite is the photo of the kids that sat around me. Their smiles and attention was moving. I am so happy I captured that moment. Towards the end of the video you’ll see a lady wearing purple. She asks me to stop singing at the end. I apologized and left. My sins were forgiven. 

Thank you for watching. This is the final video from this series. Listen to the recordings on Bandcamp and wherever you prefer to stream. 


Illicit Hymns Pt 3: Church of Saint-Germain de Charonne, Paris, France

Illicit Hymns– uninvited, improv cathedral performances.

Here are two more videos from the series in the Church of Saint-Germain de Charonne.

In Paris, a few blocks from where I was staying is the Church of Saint-Germain de Charonne. I entered an empty place and started singing. A priest or parishioner arrived and was setting up for a mass. I asked if it was okay to sing. He said something in French but I am naive to the language. Through tone and body language it seemed ok and friendly.  I am not sure if I had permission but it seemed like I did. I hope that I conveyed gratitude to him. Singing in the church brought me much joy. 

There is one more cathedral performance to share. Stay tuned. Listen to the recordings on Bandcamp and wherever you prefer to stream. Thanks for watching.


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