Watch Uno Lady’s NPR’s 2019 Tiny Desk Contest Submission

Uno Lady sings “Wild Child,” from the upcoming album, Osmosis. Live from Akron Recording Company, February 8, 2019.

Audio: recording & mastering Akron Recording Co.
Cameraman: Jimi Pantalon, WashMachine Productions
Projections: filmed and edited by Christa Ebert, Uno Lady, as part of her Akron Soul Train artist-in-residency.

Every year, Uno Lady has entered NPR’s Tiny Desk Contest. You can see previous submissions here.



Artwork by Corrie Slawson: New Perks for Uno Lady’s GoFundMe

Mixed media artist and art angel, Corrie Slawson is auctioning 3 of her phenomenal pieces to help fund my trip to France.  Corrie spent a few weeks at the Chateau Orquevaux at the same artist-in-residency I’ll be on. These pieces were inspired by the trip. Check it out at @corrieslawson  #baroqueresearchtrip

 THEY CAN BE YOURS!  A new perk for the Help Uno Lady Get to France GoFundMe campaign. Visit the GoFundMe page for details.

“Hegemonius” ed. 2/8
Paper Lithography
7-3/4″ dia.
(pink on white)





Photos from the Akron Soul Train artist-in-residency performance

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THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for coming out to the shows last week. I love you, friends. You are what keeps me going. Huge thanks to Akron Soul Train for supporting my vision and breathing life into my project. Thanks to Akron Recording Company for running an amazing recording studio and sharing your space for the public performance.  Big thanks to the marvelous McKenzie at Gordon Square Arts District  for helping set up the Cleveland show.  I wanted to share these lovely photos Arnold Tunstall captured at the Akron Recording Company show. Thanks Arnie.

Ps. Have you heard I’m going to France?



Help Uno Lady get to France for an artist-in-residency through GoFundMe

This September I am excited to have the opportunity to spend two weeks advancing my art in the Champagne-Ardenne region of France, after being awarded an artist residency at the Chateau d’Orquevaux. This castle on 40 acres the French countryside offers artists from all over the world a place with limited distraction and an abundance of natural inspiration, along with goats and chickens!

Visiting France has held a special place in my thoughts for some time. I am thrilled for this opportunity. I plan on writing lyrics, recording videos, and exploring my vocal range in a castle built in the 1700s. The tall ceilings and wine cellars are begging for me to belt in them and be drenched in their reverb. I am currently working on a project that adds visual elements to my performances. I have a deep appreciation and thrive from being submerged in nature. I plan to mash environmental footage with ethereal sounds to create a transportive, meditative effect.

All that said, I was slow to accept the residency because it comes with a financial cost that is challenging for me to cover on my own.

So I am coming to my friends, family and supporters to humbly ask for your help in covering the residency costs. Any amount matters, and is greatly appreciated. Donations will help me fly to Paris and cover ground transportation to the residency site, rent cars and equipment so I can perform in neighboring countries, and cover everyday expenses while I am there. Most valuable of all, your help will give me peace of mind.

I cannot thank you enough for any support you are able to give as I work toward this fantastic opportunity to expand my work. Please consider donating at


My goal is to raise $5,000. (I’ve calculated I’ll need $6,000 to cover all costs associated with the residency.) Residency fees (total of €2400/ US$2850) cover lodging, an artist studio, and some meals for 2 weeks. Much of the fees paid by artists go towards restoring the historical chateau. I have secured one grant, the Denis Diderot award of €750, which covers a portion of the cost of the residency. There is still a large amount to pay for, plus other expenses including the flight, getting me and my equipment to Paris ($1000), additional transportation/rental cars/trains ($1000 for 2-3 weeks) and food and other expenses (€50 a day for 2 weeks). I’ll be able to book performances in Europe before and after the residency, which will help eliminate some of the stress about money.


Any size gift will get you a download of a song written during the residency.
$50 will get you a thank you postcard from France (plus listed above).
$100 will receive a personalized thank you gift (plus listed above).
$500+ gets you a song written about almost any subject of your choosing (restricted song topics include most sports and hate speech) Plus all the perks listed above.*

I’m truly ecstatic for this opportunity. Thanks again for your support.

Please consider donating at


*Please note it will take some time (6+ months) from when the residency ends to deliver recordings, gifts, and songs.



Cleveland’s one-woman band Uno Lady is going places (including France)

“CLEVELAND, Ohio – Uno Lady is going places. Literally, and musically. Cleveland’s one-woman choir is the recipient of two new fellowships, one in Akron and the other in France, that are sending her in new musical directions as well as across the globe.” FULL ARTICLE 

Please consider helping support my travel to France through GoFundMe



Read CAN Journal Article, “Makers: Christa Ebert, AKA Uno Lady”

“If you’ve never seen Uno Lady live, let me attempt to explain. A self-trained musician, Ebert composes songs mostly using just her voice. She’s been described as a “one-woman ghost choir”, which I find particularly apt. Her music includes dream-like layers of her own voice, looping like spells and chants, ethereal tones, instruments and beats all knit together into one lush soundscape. Every time I’ve heard her sing, I’ve had goosebumps – the beauty of her voice soaring, cutting through the air is so enchanting it can command the hairs on my arms to stand at attention.

I’ve seen Uno Lady perform many times over the years – she was the recipient of a CPAC Creative Workforce Fellowship, a Panza Foundation Award, and has performed at many venues and galleries: Transformer Station, the Cleveland Museum of Art, etc. But for the first time, she will be including a film component as part of her live show – thanks to Akron Soul Train. Akron Soul Train is an artist residency program that grants fellowships to provide resources for all creative disciplines – Ebert is the first musician they have supported.  full article