LISTEN TO NPR/ WKSU Shuffle: Cleveland Musician Uno Lady Creates One-Woman Choir Out of a Suitcase

Cleveland’s Christa Ebert utilizes a microphone, mixer and electronic effects pedals to create a solo “ghost choir,” or lush layers of her vocals interwoven together, as the dynamic, one-woman project, Uno Lady.

The result is an eclectic blend of husky, a cappella jazz singing with doo-wop, pop and folk vocal elements that meld together to create a cohesive sonic collage.

Earning an Akron Soul Train fellowship
Akron Soul Train awarded Uno Lady with a fellowship, making her one of the organization’s November residents.

The nonprofit provides resources to local creatives to hone their skills and perform new works for the community at the conclusion of their residencies.

Ebert will conduct a special performance as Uno Lady during Akron Soul Train’s 2018 Winter SOULstice event at Jilly’s Music Room Dec. 6 at 5:30 p.m.

‘Instead of overplaying and playing out way too much to raise all this money, I can just focus on creating.’

Uno Lady performs out of a couple of vintage suitcases where her mixer board and pedals are stored.

“This is my second podium I created — it’s an invention of mine,” Ebert said. “It’s a vintage suitcase that expands with a scissor lift, and it has little hooks so that it can be at waist level so I can twirl the knobs and do things my feet can’t do with the pedals.”

The musician sings into a microphone and carries her vocals through several effects pedals. Then, the sound is run through a loop pedal.

She captures this existing sound, records over it, then records over it several more times to create a dense aural experience created solely out of the words and notes she sings.

Concluding her AST residency
Ebert said earning the Akron Soul Train fellowship has been beneficial for her as a solo artist, as it has allowed her the opportunity to take time off work to focus on her art, receive a stipend and gain access to resources that have allowed her to create a new body of work.

“So instead of overplaying and playing out way too much to raise all this money, I can just focus on creating,” Ebert said. “I’m grateful for the support they give me.”

Through the project, she plans to increase the reach and depth of her performances and invest in new equipment to better engage with the Greater Akron community.

Her performance at the end of the Akron Soul Train residency will include a visual aspect as well.

Ebert said she purchased a camera and plans to obtain a projector to layer footage of nature and her time spent visiting National Parks on a screen to match her songs.

“I hope that has a transportive, meditative effect on the audience,” Ebert said.

The final performance as an Akron Soul Train resident will take place Feb. 8 at Akron Recording Company.

Improvising aspects of her performance  
Ebert’s live performances as Uno Lady weave listeners into a web of sound and include improvisational elements, as many of her sonic creations are developed on the spot.

She develops many of her songs in the moment for the audience, sending her live vocals through pedals and into a loop station where she can then record and layer each piece to build out an entire song.

Uno Lady is an EarthQuaker Devices featured artist and is unmistakable in her innovative use of effects pedals and her whimsical, eclectic rig setup.

She has played out across local DIY venues, libraries, museums and even inside freight elevators, pushing the boundaries of art and music with each performance.

‘I hope that has a transportive, meditative effect on the audience.’

Evolving as a musician
Ebert is a self-taught musical artist. She grew up singing in choirs and became part of the Northeast Ohio music scene first as an attendee and avid listener of local bands.

She felt she needed to have her own outlet musically and creatively, and she began working on her craft at home alone. She taught herself how to use Logic Pro on a computer and soon began layering her own vocals.

Ebert was eventually asked to play a live show, and it was then she began experimenting with layering her vocals through different pedals.

“As I started to play, I realized I wanted to make it more engaging for the audience,” Ebert said. “So I started to loop and get a loop pedal and started to do more compositions that could be created right in front of the audience.”

Working on tracks for an upcoming release
Ebert has new material ready for an upcoming Uno Lady record. She is shopping around her album, “Osmosis,” to various labels.

Her prior releases include “Amateur Hour,” Taco Cat” and “I Really Like Genetics but I’d Rather Have a Good Time.”

Ebert will perform as part of the 2018 Panza Foundation Benefit at The Happy Dog in Cleveland Nov. 30.

Thursday Nov 29: Uno Lady on WKSU 89.7fm + Akron Soul Train Instagram takeover

NOV 29- Uno Lady is taking over Akron Soul Train’s Instagram. Make sure to Follow for sneak peaks of my projects!

You can listen to Uno Lady on public radio station WKSU 89.7 FM, at 5:45 a.m. and  7:45 a.m. during WKSU’s Morning Edition. The interview will be posted at



NOV 30– Happy Dog West- Panza Foundation benefit w/ The Village Bicycle, FreshProduce, and Pillars. $8, 7pm doors, 9pm music. HUGE RAFFLE of musical gear, services, and other awesome stuff.  link to event page 

DEC 6–  Jilly’s Music Room Akron, Ohio.  Akron Soul Train’s 2nd Annual Winter SOULstice featuring auctions, food, and entertainment. Uno Lady, will be performing, along with a local jazz band. Purchase tickets at

NOV 30- Uno Lady at Happy Dog for Panza Foundation Benefit

PERFORMANCES by the 2018 Panza Foundation bands: The Village Bicycle, Uno Lady, FreshProduce, and Pillars.

HUGE RAFFLE of musical gear, services, and other awesome stuff.  The Panza Foundation will also announce the bands it is supporting in 2019.  Have a good time and support the local, independent music scene. link to event page 

Happy Dog West
5801 Detroit Ave, Cleveland, OH
7pm doors, 9pm show





Uno Lady at the Cleveland Museum of Art, October 5!

Uno Lady will be singing at the Cleveland Museum of Art in gallery 217 across from the armor court. There will be two sets, one at 7:15pm and another at 8:30pm.

Celebrate the return of MIX at Cleveland Museum of Art! Experience themes and variations in art and culture with remixed tours, music, art-making and cocktails. Featuring DJ MICK.

Tickets are $10 in advance, $15 at the door.

Next Uno Lady show is in Akron, OH at Uncorked Wine Bar in Akron, Ohio at 3:40pm as part of High Arts Festival.


Come Hear the Uno Lady Collaboration for BRICOLAGE! Aug 23-25, 7:30pm

BRICOLAGE is a weekend of strange and beautiful hybrid art. Teams of local artists unite to create an explosion of live performances, video art, tech demos, and who knows what else at this unique multi-disciplinary showcase.

Uno Lady + MiLisa Coleman
Rachel Lanyi Mulholland + Stephan Haluska
DJ Red-I + Poppy Lyttle
Meredith L. King, Playwright + Jessica Mellen

TICKETS are just $10 at the door or in advance at

the event page is here 



SUPER NO BUENO: A Chat with Uno Lady

By Ted Zep, AKRON, OH – “Simply described, Uno Lady is a one-woman choir. Using a mixer and loop pedals to layer her vocals, Uno Lady creates music that is vulnerable, affecting and thick with atmosphere. Her sound is sensitive and thrilling yet melancholy and oblique. She is a unique voice, even amongst the unique voices of the Cleveland music scene. I recently interviewed the singer in anticipation of her upcoming gig in Akron at EarthQuaker Day 2018.

Name? Christa Ebert

Age? Under 80

City of birth? Cleveland, OH

Current city of residence? Cleveland, I’m a 5th generation Clevelander.

Do you come from a musical family?

No, not really, some of my family appreciates music, but there aren’t other musicians or singers that I grew up with. A direct quote from my stepdad is “I hate music.”

When did you start singing? (Are you classically trained?)

I have been serenading anything that would listen for as long as I can remember. The first song I have a memory of writing was about the moon at age 6. I sang in choirs in school and church but was never classically trained. I took a handful of sight-reading and voice lessons for the first time, just a few years ago.

How do you describe the sound and lyrical content of your work?


You use a variety of EarthQuaker Devices pedals in your recording sessions and live shows. How have those units defined your sound? 

The pedals have expanded my sound immensely. I feel like my sound library is limitless and I am constantly discovering new noises to explore. I use Disaster Transport Sr. in every song. I love the sound of its delay and reverb and that I am able to control the intensity.  Afterneath’s reverb is creepy in the best way, like a witch in a cave. I use that in most songs. Bows is another pedal that I utilize often. Its preamp helps my main vocals stand out from the rest of the layers I create.

Describe “Uno Lady?” Is she simply a banner to perform under or more of a character/point of view?

Uno Lady is me but fancier. It is all an excuse to buy and wear dresses to punk shows.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of being a solo act?

Benefits of working alone include making my own schedule, timelines, not having to get others approval, and creating a sound that is truly unique. Cons include not having someone to bounce ideas off of, having to make the entire composition alone, and not have the creative fusion and new ideas that come with collaboration.

What type of music do you listen to in your personal life?

I grew up listening to a lot of oldies and that is still a staple in my rotation: girl groups, Motown, Doo Wop, soul, psychedelic rock, etc. I love garage, surf, punk, post-punk, new wave, alternative and experimental rock too. I’m not that good at talking shop about genres. If it sounds good, I’ll listen to it. I am typically not a fan of songs that use a lot of Autotune nor nu-metal.

You will be performing at the EarthQuaker Day festival on August 4 in Akron. Besides yourself, who are you looking forward to checking out?

I’m super stoked about the whole lineup!  This Moment in Black History are my dudes and are amazing. Lisa Belladonna is a musical goddess and I am captivated by her skills every time I see her play. I’m stoked to see Houseguest perform again. This will be my first time seeing Shivering Timbers and The Man I Fell In Love With but I am looking forward to it.

Uno Lady will be performing at EarthQuaker Day 2018 in Akron on Saturday, August 4. Held annually by noted effects pedal manufacturer EarthQuaker Devices, it is a day filled with music, clinics, vendors and tons of other activities. Uno Lady takes the stage at 1 PM. Also on the bill: This Moment in Black History, Houseguest, The Man I Fell In Love With, Shivering Timbers and Lisa Bella Donna. It’s a stacked lineup. Clinics start at 11 AM and music starts at 1 PM. The event will be held on the EarthQuaker Devices compound located at 350 W. Bowery St., Akron, OH. 44307.

Visit for more information about her work and upcoming appearances.

Click HERE for the full rundown about EarthQuaker Day 2018.

To learn more about EarthQuaker Devices, follow this link.

Akron Soul Train: Full Steam Ahead

Akron Soul Train announces 2018-19 fellows; nearly doubles number of artists supported

CANVAS MAGAZINE, CLEVELAND – “After supporting a total of seven local artists since its inception in 2016, the Akron Soul Train announced its latest class of fellows would nearly double that figure.

Thirteen emerging and established artists will serve as Akron Soul Train fellows from September 2018 to August 2019, including the program’s first artist of color, first non-Ohioan and first two musicians, says Natalie Grieshammer, Akron Soul Train arts and programming manager.

The Akron Soul Train fellowship selection committee reviewed 70 applications. Each of the 13 selected will lead a community program during their fellowship as well as present a final exhibition or performance in Akron to share the artwork they created.

“Akron Soul Train is thrilled to be supporting so many new artists this fellowship round. Expanding the number of artists we support allows us to not only validate the role of excellent local and regional artists, but helps enrich the greater Akron arts landscape,” Grieshammer says. “Since each fellow will be creating and leading a community program, Akron area residents will have opportunities to engage with each artists’ unique creative perspective in ways that they may not usually get to.”…

Christa Ebert, of Cleveland, is a musician widely known as Uno Lady. She blends elements of jazz, doo wop, ’60s pop and folk through her voice, electronic pedals and unconventional instruments.” – By Marissa Nichol


Full article