2021 Midwinter Blues performance at the Akron Art Museum.

“Lassoed my Heart” is a new song composed by Christa Ebert (2020) with vocals through Earthquaker Devices Afterneath pedal and a Boss RC30 Loop pedal.

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How deep is your love?
Mine is as wide as the wild midwest
Fits like hand in glove
Bind and tied
I must confess

You lassoed my heart

Be with me

Waiver at labeling
Unsure about settling
Push and pull of love
Run to and from
You lassoed my heart

Hear my plea

When we rendezvous
I get the sense of deja vous
Familiar guiding light
Riding close to you
There’s nothing more I’d rather do
but your squeeze
is tight

You lassoed my heart

Set me free