Photos from Uno Lady’s Alaskan Adventure

Hi friends, I appreciate everyone who was able to buy the new record, Single Rider. Thank you! We are sold out of the limited Wax Mage customs and nebula varieties but there are a few random colors & clear with blue pigment swirl left in my shop if you want one.

Alaska was amazing! For 6 weeks I was an artist fellow at Chulitna Lodge. Located on the shores of Lake Clark in Port Alsworth, Alaska, the wilderness lodge is only accessible by plane and boat. There are no roads.

The plane sat 4 people and carried 2 Costco pizzas plus a box of moose burgers. We flew eye level with the mountain peaks. We took off in Anchorage and landed at Port Alsworth, AK. A boat transported us across Lake Clark to Chulitna Lodge.

It’s challenging to put my feelings into words. The environment and experiences are one of a kind and life changing. The love I have for the people I shared the space with is profound.

Depending on the week, the lodge housed 8-13 people while I was there. I was surrounded by likeminded, creative, kind people, all whom I miss dearly. You can read about the other artist fellows, staff, and the history of the lodge here.

The scenes were the most beautiful views I have ever seen. I lived in a yurt, cozied up with my recording equipment and a bed. At the fellowship, I wrote and recorded 10 songs and filled a huge hard drive with videos and nature sound samples. I experimented with some new approaches and am ecstatic with the results. I will release the songs after they are mixed and mastered.

I went to the fellowship to develop a project that honors and explores old-growth forest. I wish to create compositions that encourage others to feel enthusiasm and love towards trees. I wrote 6 pages defining what that looks like. I will use the text for future residencies, to find support, and continue on my forest mission.

Chulitna Lodge is lakeside and the beach is beautiful. There are wild chives, fireweed, and other wildflowers growing among the beach rocks. Down the beach is a massive beaver dam. On the other side is a maze of water channels that flow through the forest. I went paddle boarding for the first time and explored for hours in the canals. The water was warmer than the glaciated lake and crystal clear. You could see moose and bear prints at the bottom imprinted in the sediment. Twisted pine trees surrounded us. It was incredible.

Although I didn’t see a lot of cities in Alaska, I had many adventures around Chulitna Lodge. Across the Lake is Mount Tanalian. We took a day trip and hiked to Tanalian Falls.

There are a few self-maintained paths around the property and in the National Park. Towards the end of the fellowship we hiked the mountain directly behind the lodge. They call it Mount George because it looks like George Washington’s profile. From the top of the mountain you can see Kijik Lake. I read the land around the lake was known as Qizhjeh Vena, ‘a place where people gather lake.’ The Qizhjeh (Kijik) area includes K’q’uya Vena (Kijik Lake). Qizhjeh Vena is the ancestral homeland of the Dena’ina people.

This hike was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I love nature and being outdoors, but I’m from flat Ohio and rent cabins. The other hikers were more experienced but they shared their knowledge and encouragement the entire way. I have never been on a hike where the trail was bushwhacked as we progressed. It was an incredible challenge and I am proud of myself for pushing through fear and hesitations. I sobbed gratitude and relief at the top. The view was breathtaking.

The midnight sun never let it get dark. During solstice, there was 22 hours of daylight. Even when the sun set the sky glowed. On the longest day of the year we made solstice tea with foraged wildflowers. We took the boat around Lake Clark, explored some islands and abandoned cabins. We saw bald eagles and baby moose. I love the photos from this day.

I had the best time and will be forever grateful for the opportunity. Thank you, Chulitna.

In other news, I am loving living in Maine. So far so great. I’m painting the studio next week and will be back to recording soon.

In addition to Uno Lady, I write compositions for other creative folks. I record vocal harmonies for people’s albums and arrangements. I make original music for virtual exhibits, art installations, meditation practices, and write jingles for businesses. Please consider working with me on your creative projects. You can hire me through SoundBetter, Fiverr, or message me directly at

Warm regards,
Christa, The Uno Lady