Listen to the New Track, “Longing” By Floco Torres Featuring Uno Lady

My friend Floco Torres released his new single “Longing.” The song is produced by Floco Torres, & contains portions of Uno Lady’s ‘Lonliness Persists.’

I’m honored to work with Floco on this one. I love this song and its message. You can buy on Bandcamp and stream here.

Its Bandcamp Friday, all purchase profits go directly to the artists and it is the best time to support bands.

I have many albums, videos, and singles on Bandcamp. Listen to the Impromptu Porch Performances Floco sampled. Download the meditation album Grounded, and mindfulness singles Rocky River Flows into Erie and Erie Serenade.

In other news, Alaska is amazing. I am surrounded by mountains, living in a yurt on Lake Clark at Chulitna Lodge. I am polishing an unreleased album and short film called “Le Flux.” It features songs and videos created at the residency in France. I’ll be looking for creative ways to share and will keep you posted. I’m also brainstorming a new project that focuses on the forests.

I am on pause from paid work for a few months so I can experience this adventure. Buying music on Bandcamp is a great way to show support.

Sending love,