Listen and Watch RISE, a Climate Change Anthem

I’m excited to share my latest release, RISE, a song that celebrates interconnectivity and biodiversity. It is a call to action. A climate change anthem. Together we can protect the planet, and celebrate and nurture all beings on this earth. The water is rising but so are we.

Rise is a collaboration between musician Christa Ebert (Uno Lady) and artist Clare Celeste Börsch. The song offers a vision for the future where we live within our planetary boundaries, in community and thriving in mutual interconnectedness with the natural world. Inspired by the podcast How to Save a Planet‘s call to action to write a climate anthem, this is our offering to the movement. It is meant to be sung with others, with the clapping of hands and marching of feet. It is a song that is created through movement, in movement, together: through the power of We.

The song has field recordings throughout. The percussion is made of crows, chickadee calls, and hummingbird flutters. The beat is a leaky roof dripping into a metal bucket I recorded in France. There are sounds from streams in Switzerland and waves from Lake Erie. I hope you like it. Be good to the planet and to each other.

I reached out to Clare on IG because I adore her artwork and how she approaches activism. I contacted her to see if she was open to collaborate. I’m delighted for her receptiveness to work together and am excited to share this cross continent collaboration.


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Listen to RISE on SPOTIFY and I also made a SPOTIFY PLAYLIST

Uno Lady’s “WILD CHILD” Video Premieres October 26

Video premiere of Uno Lady’s “WILD CHILD” October 26, 2021 @12pm EDT

WILD CHILD is on the OSMOSIS LP. Get the limited edition green vinyl through Volar Records or Uno Lady directly.

WILD CHILD is about channeling childhood angst into fuel for a better future. Filmed in her bathtub, the video features Christa and the demise of the hand painted tiger mask featured on the OSMOSIS album cover. The dream-like visions were created by projecting video collage into the dark green water then filming those visuals.  

Listen on Spotify and share the WILD CHILD playlist.

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WILD CHILD was written, recorded, produced, filmed, and edited by Christa Ebert, the Uno Lady. Thanks to Washmachine Productions for helping as a cameraperson and with direction.